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 Feb 2013 - In this Issue:
RECIPE: Steamed Vegetable Dumplings 
Big Hug Fold
RECIPE: Meat and Chinese Chive Pot Stickers
Pleated Crescent Fold
Cooking Method: Panfrying
Cookbook Review
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Asian Appetizers

Like us, everyone seems to enjoy pot stickers. Whether an appetizer or an entire meal, the special flavors are enticing. Pot stickers are part of the larger family of Asian dumplings, and just one of the many small bites that might be part of a dim sum experience.

IN THIS ISSUE, we consider just a few Asian specialties from the dumpling family with three fillings that demonstrate three shapes, and three different cooking methods. We have a Pork and Cabbage “half moons” that are boiled, Vegetable “big hugs” that are steamed, and Beef and Scallion pleated crescents that are panfried. You’ll find out just how easy and delicious they are to make at home!

Boiled, Steamed and Pan-Fried
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Recipe: Pork and Napa Cabbage Water Dumplings
Recipe: Pork and Napa Cabbage Water Dumplings
Do Ahead Steps
Making Dumpling Wrappers
Making Dumpling Wrappers
Wrappers 1 to 3
Wrappers 1 to 3
Wrappers 4 to 6
Wrappers 4 to 6
Wrapper Tips
Wrapper Tips
Wrapper Tips
The Half Moon Fold
The Half Moon Fold
Half Moon 1-3
Half Moon 1-3
Boiling Dumplings
Boiling Dumplings
Asian Tools
Bamboo Steamer
Steam dumplings, vegetables, and other foods in this two-tiered bamboo steamer with lid. Absorbs excess moisture.
Renewable bamboo utensils are super sturdy for all kitchen tasks. Long handle and flat end shape efficiently works the pot.
Perfect utensil for scooping up boiled or deep-fried foods. Woven stainless steel wire, long bamboo handle for safety.
Recipe: Steamed Vegetable Dumplings
Recipe: Steamed Vegetable Dumplings
Ingredient Notes
Big Hug Fold
Big Hug Fold
Cooking Dumplings Steaming
Cooking Dumplings Steaming
Asian Tools
Mat and Paddle
Handy set is ready to form and roll your favorite sushi. Made from renewable bamboo grass.
Dumpling Press
Handy tool forms pleated dumplings quickly while leaving plenty of space for fillings.
Make stir-fries, or steam foods with this wok that transfers heat quickly and efficiently.
RECIPE: Meat and Chinese Chive Pot Stickers
RECIPE: Meat and Chinese Chive Pot Stickers
The Pleated Crescent Fold
The Pleated Crescent Fold
The Pleated Crescent Fold
Panfrying Dumplings
Panfrying Dumplings
Cookbook Review
Cookbook Review

Enjoy bringing these Asian specialties home to your kitchen!

From all of us at Kitchen Window

Kitchen Window
Calhoun Square - 3001 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
612-824-4417 -- 888-824-4417

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